Should I Do a 15% Sale this Weekend


Sometimes you want to fill up a schedule, and have a discounted sales day to generate income! Our first thought is to offer a 10%, 15% or even 20% off Flash sale. So now you decide to email all your clients that on XX day you will discount all your products by 15%, Should you?

One of the challenges about having a flash sale is that all of your clients that were booked for that day you now have to offer them the 15% discount, this means that you are lowering your income by 15 on all your daily sales.

How will you know if this is worth it? Let’s pull out stats. That Saturday we did not trigger the sale and analyzed the outcome with or without the sale.


Our average transaction was $900 per client that day

we had 20 clients in for $18,000 in sales

We had 4 empty slots

Our total sales, if all slots were filled would have been $21,600

discounted by 15% = $3,240

Net sales of $18,360

But now we have comission on 4 more treatments at 50% lets say = $1800, therefore the net sales would have been $16,560