Marc Mousseau

Key Career Highlights

For more than 30 years, his motto has been “Live With Ultimate Passion”. It sounds simple, yet so few businesses and sales professionals truly recognize the power of passion. He has built many successful companies from the ground up, turned failing companies to profitable, and re-energized sales team – all by creating a contagion of passion.

Publicly spoken, trained and coached on 3 continents on business building, personal growth to close to 35,000 on business owners and investors, he has captured its audience by bringing real-life stories, motivation, anecdotes and a sense of humor that only he has.
His accomplishments over the past 40 years are, but not limited to the following
  1. Driving an educational start-up company from $0 to $18 MM in revenue in three years.
  2. Gowing a property management company from 0 to 1100 units in two years.
  3. Turning around a winery from million in losses to a profit and allowing the owner to sell it a profit.
  4. Starting his first business at 19, selling it to a subsidiary of 3M,
  5. Starting a flight school at 22 that was later sold to the founders of Canada 2000,
  6. Buying a real estate development project that just went bankrupt to completing the project pocketing a fair chunk of change for a 27 years old,,, and more…
  7. As a sales leader, he coached teams to leverage their own passion to build high-trust relationships with clients and negotiate winning solutions.
  8. He also built a 2000 Rep Multi-Level Marketing MLM organization, via training motivation and applied sales skills. He believes in empowering sales teams by giving them a strong sense of purpose, clearing unnecessary barriers and rewarding them well.

If you are interested in discussing some of the passionate solutions he  might offer your organization, please connect with him at or by phone at 505-652-4440

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