Where does one need a turn around professional?

A turnaround professional enters a company with a fresh eye, knowledge, and skills and enjoys complete objectivity. This professional is able to spot problems and create new solutions that may not be visible to company insiders simply because the latter is too close to the subject.

The turnaround professional has no political agenda or other obligations to color the decision-making process, allowing him or her to take the unpopular yet necessary steps for survival.

Experience within a particular industry may mean little when a company is challenged and possibly the loss of millions in revenue. A turnaround professional brings experience in crisis situations. Like a paramedic, the talent lies in making critical decisions quickly in order for the patient to have the best chance at recovery.

Operating in the eye of the storm, the turnaround professional must deal equitably with angry, scared employees, wary customers and a nervous board of directors. With the highest stakes on the table, clearly, this is no assignment for the faint-hearted.

Pozitive Practice Management brings to the table more than 35 years of business experience in multiple fields, has turned around companies that were basically bankrupt to profitable within months to a year.

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