One of the key components of your practice is your staff. Without the right staff, the right mindset, enthusiasm, motivation, proper organizational chart you cant grow. As part of our Practice Assessment, we have identified key players, underutilized employees, disgruntle employees. Let us re-engineer your organizational chart, let us do the hard work,  let us train the new eager team to win!

Sometimes hidden gems are there unknown to you, It is a lot less expensive to train someone with potential then to advertise, interview, hire, train someone new. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is also time to let someone go, and we understand that this may be difficult to you, let us guide you in the process or simply let us do it for you!



You would like to hire the best person for the job! Do you know how, do you have a detailed job description of your expectation, without knowing exactly what this person is to “BE” you cant hire properly! Your job description does not only stand for what they will do but how will they do it!

As an example, a receptionist must be happy to be there doing what they do, they must be happy to meet and talk to this client/ patient, to render a service, to believe in the practice and the people working there.  Just posting a job for a receptionist is not to your advantage Posting a position as Customer Service Concierge is much more than a receptionist, but technically they might do the same thing, but with a completely different mindset.

When is it time to fire someone? When they are not happy to be there and are making you lose money. Sometimes it may be a friend, or someone that has been there for years,  someone that has been with you from day one! This is not an easy decision! BUT look at what they are costing you, the clinic, the employee morale, the challenge they create and ask yourself are you doing them a service in letting them be unhappy in their position.

Do you really want to hire a new Business Manager? a Marketing Manager, a Controller? Not only is a difficult, expensive, risky process, but is there a way to re-structure your employee roles and positions to attain what you are looking for. Sometimes just by having new perspectives into your actual staffing is key! Most of the business we came in to do the practice assessment we were able to reposition employees into a more fulfilling position. These employees not only were grateful that we considered them for this new position but they knew this new position offered them growth.

Firstly, are your employees underpaid or overpaid in comparison to financial benchmarking? How should you compensate your employees? Do employees only want money, or would like to have flex time, how about vacation days, parental time off, mental time, Should you pay your employees commission on sales, should this be the whole team or certain people only. How much should you allocate to someone that makes you thousands of dollars per year more than the other person, should it be capped to a maximum? What do you do with the underperformers? How do you pay them? in cash? gift cards? What size of a bonus are you giving them and what are the tax implication on both you and your employees? can you change someone’s compensation from salary only to base plus salary? There are so many different ways to compensate employees. Let help us make recommendations for the best compensation package for your team.


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