Our Guarantees

Live Training

We guarantee our training! if you are not satisfied with our training we will refund you, period! We will ask of you to fill out a form outlining why you do not believe that you received your money worth at the event, present it to the trainer in person so that we can discuss it and improve our future training. Within 48 hours management will authorize your credit. You should expect that the credit on your credit card will show within 7 day’s. (You Keep The Acquired Knowledge)

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Consulting / Coaching

As part of our commitment to give you value for your time, should you believe that the first 2 hours of your consulting / mentoring  program were not what you expected, we will refund the whole amount of the cost invested to date.

In House Training

Our In House Training are part of our consulting guarantee! Once you are satisfied with the consulting and training program that we suggested as part of your consulting / mentoring, the in house training is not refundable.