3 Ways To Grow A Business

Increase the number of clients

Increase the average sale

Increase the frequency of transaction

And to take your business to the next level

We think that we know this, we understand it, but what are we willing to do about it! Without understanding what Customer Marginal Net Worth & Cost of Acquisition of a Client, a company cannot implement strategies to grow their business exponentially!

By understanding this you will be able to implement strategies that your competitors no nothing about! You will move your company to extreme growth without working harder.

Learn the concepts that are easily applicable to your business and increase clients by 10, 20 30 % per year year after year, increase their average purchase, and have them come to your business more often. Exponentially grow your bottom line by 20, 30, 45% per year.

These principles are so easy to apply to your business that you will say, why didn’t i think of this before!

 In this training you  will earn the following.

  • How to calculate your Customer Marginal Net Worth!
  • Establishing your Cost of Acquisition of a Customer.
  • Calculate your future potential.
  • Establish Statistical Matrix needed to help you grow.
  • Understand 12 strategies to grow your customer base.
  • How to implement 6 different ways to get your customer to purchase more from you!
  • Ethically getting your customers to buy more from you!
  •  Understand how your employees should be compensated!

 Key Training Activities

  • Activity #1:  Calculating Your Customer Marginal Net Worth, Cost of Acquisition, Lost Opportunities.
  • Activity #2: Set development objectives and establish tracking matrix to know if you are on track.
  • Activity #3:  Strategically and tactically implement strategies to grow your business.