The best example I can give you is McDonald’s.

I remember one of my first jobs when I was 16. I always wondered why they showed us how to load a dishwasher. It took me a while to get this one, but the reason they did this is there was a system in place that proved that if you loaded the dishwasher certain ways the dishes came out cleaner and it was easier to pick them up when cleanned.

They call it McDonalds University. Every single aspect of their operations is systemised, from unlocking the door in the morning to locking up at the end of the night. Does your practice have systems, protocols for answering the phone, taking appointment, customer follow up, inventory control, customer enquiries,

If you do, then how do you monitor these controls and systems. Do you track results? Customer satisfaction, ring time, email response, customer satisfaction, referral ratios, income per customer, customer marginal net worth, lifetime customer value?


I would estimate that 80% to 90% of practices out there have no means to control their inventory and can’t calculate their monthly cost of goods COG. If you don’t have an accurate inventory count, how can you have accurate monthly Profit and Loss Statements. There are 4 reasons why an inventory .  does not balance 1-Forgot to add incoming supplies, 2- Misscount, Misplaced inventory, 3- Shrinkage, 4- Theft. Shrinkage and theft are the most common reasons for inventory loss and higher COG!

Do you balance your inventory with your payables? Do you keep your packing slips? Do you receive free supplies from your vendors? How do you account for them, how do you cost them?


Inventory, phone protocols, opening and closing offices, garbage, order placement, P.O. systems, Greeting of customers, asking for referrals, time to answer calls, emails, greetings, vacation request, paid lunch, time sheets, time off, emergency contacts, phone list, event planning, equipment rental, minimum quantity orders, customer marginal net worth, Return on investment, revenues per practitioner, COG, closing ratios,  petty cash, highest revenue per hour, highest revenue per day, highest closer, closer closer customer satisfaction ratios, referral program, marketing campaign results monitoring, lost leads and more.

Clinics that have some or all of these systems and protocols will produce 20, 30m,50m100% more than clinics that don’t.


Customer Relationship Management!

Have you ever wondered how much is a client worth to your business “Customer Marginal Net Worth” If one client is worth $3,000 in new business, is it important to communicate properly with your customer, with the right offer, the right timing? We forget that the customer has choices and if we don’t answer his questions and concerns within 6 minutes he will go somewhere where they do.

How is your database tagged, when do you mail them, what services do you use, are the customers in a sequence? What information should you send them, who should answer their concerns, how should you answer them, do you track results? Are you automated, or everything is done by hand or on the fly? Do you really save by using the least expensive CRM program?

Let us help you in setting up the proper CRM program and communicate with your clients.

Everyone is talking about it? but what does it mean in reality? Is your data protected against, computer theft, fire, total destruction? Can employees wipe all of your data if they wanted to? Local backups are not sufficient. External data backups are key.

That it is with a local provider, Google Drive, One Drive, you must get there, I recently was consulting on a company where an employee whipped all of her data from her computer and the office manager.  Months of time, effort and money will be required to bring back this data.

Do you have access to your data from anywhere, your cell, your iPad, from home?

Let us recommend solutions and help you with the implementation of this system.

Are you losing money, from your first point of contact?

Do you know what your conversion rate is, are you answering the calls with a 4 part greeting, are you scripted, have you ever listened to your calls, “mystery shopped” your front desk, who is your best receptionist, the worse one, have you lost appointments because a call was mishandled, would you like to be notified when you lost a call, would you like to know  your busiest time of the day, or day’s? would you like to know what advertising pulls best? Where do calls come from? How many calls were answered in a day and by whom?

Pozitive Practice Management has a solution that will address all of these concerns and more, give us a call to discuss this opportunity.


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