Medical Spa!

It is rare that I give referrals on someone’s work but I believed that it was important to commend the work of Marc Mousseau as a practice consultant. Over a period of 6 months, Marc performed the following services for our Medical Esthetic Clinic.

It started with a complete practice assessment including forensic accounting.

This report allowed him to make important recommendations and allowed a plan for strategic implementation of new systems into our clinic. He found close to $200k in immediate savings, restructured our employee organizational chart, promoted employees to new positions allowing them to grow and bring new ideas and generate new income into our clinic.

He assessed our accounting and found flaws that were costing thousands of dollars a year, He reorganized our accounting, secured data backups and migrated our operation to the cloud, he set up a new chart of account and new reporting, allowing us to have a better understanding of our financial situation. We were also able to reduce our indebtedness by close to $150K in 5 months.

One of the key aspects of his work was to establish an inventory system that allowed us to ensure that our cost of goods was properly accounted for giving us the ability to have monthly financial statements allowing us to review accurate financial statements and make decisions based on statistical management versus gut feeling.

Within a few months, we had made more profits then we had made in the 12 months prior.

Marc is worth every penny that his company charges, and has paid for his contract within the first 2 or 3 months.

The best consultant and investment we have made in years.

If you need to contact me to discuss please contact Marc, and I will gladly speak to you in confidentiality about what he has done for us!

Dr. J.B

When I met Marc at his first training, the light bulbs just kept going off. I kept thinking really you can do that, or I didn’t know you could do that. I said to myself if I had known this before where would I be?, I would have been way better off and not made these mistakes.

~ Ken Chung,

Business owner